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The answer to "can I grow my penis"?

Yes absolutely.

The thing you always have to remember is that you must put safety first.

You must only take advice from someone that you trust.

Here is a shameless self promotion:

I've been able to grow steadily from around 5 all the way to around 7 inches and I've never been injured.

I've been a little to sore a few times, but I just took a couple of days off.

What's great about the routine that's being sold here is it puts the emphasis on safety and comfort so you can just keep getting bigger and bigger.

So, grow your penis!

Thousands of men have done and you can do it too.

Don't believe the naysayers and don't believe the pill pushers, all you need is a good routine that you can stick with and the persistence to follow through.

Yes, yes, yes. You can do it.


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